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Championing CLABSI Reduction Takes Belief, Perseverance & Teamwork

Earlier this year, SPS team members interviewed HAC Champions, the individuals at hospitals who own increasing SPS Prevention Bundle Process Reliability for a specific HAC. From the interviews, the SPS team quickly saw that HAC Champions are motivated and ambitious individuals who are excited about empowering their teams, working with passionate team members, and much more.

Dr. Claudia Hoyen, MD at UH/Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital (Rainbow) is one such champion.

Dr. Hoyen, is the Medical Director of Infection Control at Rainbow. In 2012, Rainbow was in the process of rolling out the CLABSI Prevention Bundle. The hospital had a pretty good sense of what the bundle would look like in the PICU and NICU, but at the time, the rest of the hospital was not using bundles in a structured format. It was then that Dr. Hoyen was selected to be the CLABSI Champion at Rainbow. Dr. Hoyen works closely with the hospital’s Infection Control Practitioners as well as the entire Quality Team to ensure the bundle is rolled out to the entire hospital and compliance standards are being met. “It takes a team effort between Infection Control, Quality, and the leaders on our units,” said Dr. Hoyen.

To be an effective CLABSI Champion, Dr. Hoyen realizes the importance of trusting those she works with. “You need to believe that everyone can do the right thing, and you just have to help them figure out how to get there,” she said.

Being a CLABSI Champion is not always easy. Dr. Hoyen often encounters challenges as the team rolls out the CLABSI bundle to all of the divisions and units throughout Rainbow. When facing such challenges, Dr. Hoyen emphasizes the importance of “getting people to understand that we are all on the same page, respect that what they are doing is a good thing—even if they aren’t using the same bundle elements initially, and then help them understand the principles of high reliability. When we are reducing variability in care and trying to do the same thing, we are doing this so that children can expect consistent care throughout the hospital.”

In 2014, Rainbow rolled out the Prevention Bundle Standards Training. The training was a huge success, largely due to the buy-in from the hospital’s senior leadership and effort put in by the Quality and Infection Control Teams. Rolling out the training throughout the hospital was a monumental task, but it was worth it. As Dr. Hoyen explained, “Individuals were able to see the bundle in its entirety as well as how to apply it. It was a big AHA! moment for our entire hospital as individuals started to realize they were all doing the same thing, and it was no longer us versus them…instead, we were all on the same team.”

Dr. Hoyen’s and her team’s dedication to the CLABSI bundle has paid off. Dr. Hoyen is excited to share that “Rainbow divisions have been at 90% compliance to the bundle every month since December for almost every floor.  As compliance has gone up, the number of CLABSIs have gone done.”

“It makes me so proud to know that we are doing the best to take care of kids who have central lines in our hospital,” said Dr. Hoyen. Dr. Hoyen loves working with her team, “I think the way our team is motivated is that we try to have fun when working together. We enjoy working with each other, and we really try to help each other out.”

To the individuals who are reading this who are interested in being a CLABSI Champion, Dr. Hoyen encourages you to “know the value in your team members because no one can do this alone…it takes a village.”

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