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Collective Action to Save Lives: SPS National Learning Session

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By banding together as a network of children’s hospitals across the nation; putting aside competition; and openly sharing best practices, lessons learned, and new ideas, we can all achieve our goals faster and save more lives. This is exactly what happened on June 16-17, 2014, in Indianapolis at the SPS National Learning Session, On the Journey Toward Zero Harm. More than 350 participants from 72 SPS network hospitals came together for two days of face-to-face relationship building, teaching, and learning.

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“I recommend that anyone who is joining SPS launch their journey with an event like this,” said Anu Suvevamony, MD, MBA, Morgan Stanley, Physician Quality Lead. “For me, the greatest outcome is the face-to-face conversations and networking, getting nuggets and tips from other hospitals and hearing from people who are in the same place that you are—or have already overcome the challenges you’re facing. It’s so exciting because you can see and feel how passionate people are about the work they are doing – and that energizes you!”

Day 1 059A historic milestone was reached at the learning session. The network launched SPS Prevention Bundles for five hospital-acquired conditions (HACs)—catheter-associated urinary tract infections, central line-associated blood stream infections, falls, pressure ulcers, and surgical site infections—providing exact “prescriptions” for what to do to prevent these five HACs. Through interactive discussions and demonstrations, participants gained knowledge about change management strategies and quality improvement techniques to drive and support the testing, implementation, and spread of the SPS Prevention Bundles in their hospitals. With nine family members in attendance, the most ever at an SPS learning session, participants learned safety culture best practices for integrating family engagement and leadership methods with the implementation of the SPS Prevention Bundles. Participants also learned training methodology and procedures to ensure that all hospital staff know the SPS Prevention Bundles and how to follow them.

“It’s scary as a patient and family member to think bad things could happen at a place you go for help, care and potentially a cure,” said Liz Kruvand, Coordinator, Patient & Family Centered Care, St. Louis Children’s Hospital. “At the same time, I was in awe at the determination and belief that one incident is one too many. As a first time attendee, I felt respected, engaged and hopeful of a future where some of our “them and us” barriers aren’t there.”Day 1 028

The power of the SPS network is the ability to collectively take action at children’s hospitals across the nation to eliminate serious harm and save lives. Together, we are making a far greater impact than any of us ever would alone.

Day 2 001“We started with SPS in January 2013, and if I had to summarize our experience in one word, it would be improvement,” said Kelly Fjerstad, Nurse Manager, NICU, Mayo Clinic. “Through SPS, we have access to so much more information and knowledge. It’s like it puts you on a continent with others who are on the same journey, rather than feeling like you’re on an island of your own. SPS has instilled the motivation for us to meet our goals – it gives us the push to keep moving forward.”

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