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How We Work

A Journey Toward Zero Harm

The 145+ Children’s Hospitals’ Solutions for Patient Safety (SPS) Network hospitals are driven by the shared goal to urgently reduce and then eliminate serious harm for the children being cared for in our facilities.

To guide this work, SPS network hospitals have come together around the following tenants:

Leadership Matters

Executive leadership is a critical aspect of successful improvement in pediatric patient safety. The network has designed efforts to inspire and continuously develop the safety leadership skills of the executives who lead our network hospitals.

Our mission motivates all that we do

We must act with urgency and discipline, focusing on outcomes through a combination of high reliability concepts and quality improvement science methods. We learn through testing and partnering with families and front-line staff.

Network hospitals will NOT compete on safety

Instead, the SPS network is built on the fundamental belief that by sharing successes and failures transparently and learning from one another, children’s hospitals can achieve their goals more effectively and quickly than working alone.

“All Teach, All Learn”

SPS network hospitals must humbly share and gratefully learn from others. Accomplishing our goals requires focus on the detailed processes and cultural elements that lead to safer hospitals; guidance and support for hospital teams as they build the capacity for change; and facilitating relationships within the network to broaden and accelerate learning.

Network hospitals must commit to building a “culture of safety”

Hospitals within the network are employing the cultural transformation strategies of other high reliability industries to significantly reduce harm in their institutions. This emphasis on creating a culture of safety within pediatric institutions is a unique aspect of SPS’s approach.

Strategic Alliance: 

SPS works closely with the Children’s Hospital Association, a national organization of over 220 children’s hospitals focused on quality, patient safety, child health advocacy, public policy, data and analytics, and operational and financial performance improvement. As Champions for Children’s Health, the Association is aligned with our strategic mission and goal to eliminate harm and strive for the highest quality of care for patients being treated in children’s hospitals.


Other Pediatric Patient Safety Collaboratives:

While SPS is the only hospital engagement network in the US focused on pediatric patient safety and reducing Medicaid costs associated with care for children, other collaboratives worldwide are also focused on a similar mission.

Paediatric International Patient Safety and Quality Community (PIPSQC): an informal, international collaborative of professionals who share a passion for patient safety and quality in pediatrics, and who interact together across organizational and geographic boundaries, to advance learning and improvements in these areas.

Making it Safer Together (MiST) Paediatric Patient Safety Collaborative:  new alliance of hospitals in the UK that is based on the SPS model. These organizations  share a vision of achieving harm free pediatric healthcare through a process of a sustained, year-on-year, reduction in adverse events.

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