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SPS Innovation Proposal Program

SPS is launching our 2020 Innovation Program for submissions! The program will be open to our participating network hospitals as well as any interested third parties. Our Innovation Program was designed to accelerate progress toward our mission of eliminating serious harm across all children’s hospitals. While we have made a tremendous impact on safety with the development of hospital acquired condition (HAC) prevention bundles and our culture of safety improvement work, we are always eager for catalysts that will help us achieve our goals faster.

For this reason, SPS has launched a program designed to identify and test an innovation in a key strategic harm area that significantly improves safety in SPS children’s hospitals by the end of 2021. SPS is seeking submissions for ready-to-test innovations that have demonstrated small-scale success in an SPS key strategic harm area so we can leverage our collaborative processes to test efficacy on a larger scale.

Follow the submission criteria and template below to enter.

Submission Criteria

What is an innovation?

For our purposes, an innovation is a new product, device, software, informatics, clinical practice, process, tool, and/or idea that has the potential to accelerate harm reduction and adds value to patients and staff. The innovation should have credible potential for substantial results that are directly related to the SPS mission.

What are the SPS key strategic harm areas?

The 2021 SPS strategic goals focus on the most frequent types of harm that occur in children’s hospitals: central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI), pressure injuries (PI), unplanned extubations (UE) and employee/staff safety (ESS). Innovations that address these leading areas of need are preferred.

Evaluation criteria

Proposed innovations will be evaluated using the following considerations:

  1. Relationship to and support of the SPS mission
  2. Focus on key SPS strategic harm area
  3. Potential impact on patient and/or employee/staff safety
  4. Potential scale of population (#of patients, # of staff)
  5. Proof of concept
  6. Innovation cost/benefit – initial cost (FTEs, products, supplies,…)
  7. Innovation operating cost – long term
  8. Time to market (testing timeline to prove/disprove, scaled production)
  9. Ability to integrate into current hospital systems
  10. Regulatory burden (FDA, OSHA, etc.)

How to submit

Submit innovation ideas to SPS by completing this Innovation Proposal document and emailing it to by July 31.

SPS will contact you directly if your proposal is selected to participate in next steps. If you have any questions about the Innovation Program, please send them to

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